Melissa Luce, lover of coffee and early mornings. Netflix binge watcher. Lovers of learning.

I love coffee and early mornings.
You can see me up at 5 a.m. with a coffee and watching the world around me wake up. I love the peace and stillness that the morning brings. It gives me time to plan and reflect.

I love travelling and learning about other cultures. 
It's these experiences that give me an advantage and a different perspective on design and photography. I hope to expand my travel to Dubai this year and China next year.

I love my family and God.
I've been blessed to be self-employed for the last ten years and able to raise my two boys. I've been doing photography part-time for the past ten plus years as well as running two other businesses; cleaning three years and daycare seven years. 

I have been creative all my life, drawing cartoons and making storybooks as a child to sewing and designing clothes in high school. You could always see me doodling, sketching, creating, exploring, crafting or sewing.

After my first son was born 18 years ago, I picked up my first DSLR camera I knew what I wanted to do; capture moments.